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Car Hacking Tools

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Hacking Cars

Here’s the brutal truth about hacking (and stealing) a car:

It is WAY too simple to hack into someone’s car and too many people today think that their “car security” is enough.

They say, “if I lock my car, I’m all good”.

If only it were that easy…

Today we are going to show you hacking tools and equipment that will almost guarantees that your “car security” is questionable at best.

In this blog post we will show you two hardware hacking tools that will allow you to remotey hack into a car.

The two produts we will discusss in this post are:

  1. The HackRF One;
  2. The ‘Macchina M2’

In Summary, in this post you will learn that:

  • It is VERY easy to hack into a car;
  • We list hardware that lets hackers intercept the radio signal from the key;
  • Code can be downloaded to a laptop (or other portable hacking device) and the thieves then transmit the stolen signal and have access to the car;
  • One bit of hacking hardware that we list, called the ‘HackRF One’ the radio device works from a distance of up to 40ft away!

#1 Say Hello To Your Little New Friend: ‘HackRF One’

The ‘HackRF One’, made by Great Scott Gadgets, is a radio device works from up to 30ft away, allowing the hacker to remain hidden.

How Does The HackRF One Work?

The HackRF One from Great Scott Gadgets is a Software Defined Radio peripheral that works by being able to transmit and receive radio signals from 1 MHz to 6 GHz. The device is an open source hardware platform that can also be deployed as a USB peripheral or programmed for executing commands in a stand-alone mode.

If you are interested in learning more about how to operate the HackRF One then we’d recommend that you watch the “Software Defined Radio with HackRF Video Series.”

The key concepts and technologies are: GNU Radio, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Software Defined Radio (SDR). The software can be installed on any Linux machine. You’d expect this hacking software to be installed on Kali Linux, but instead we note that it works best with Pentoo Linux.

How Much Does The HackRF One Cost?

The cost of this product slightly varies between authorized sellers, but the good news is that you can buy it either form Amazon and even eBay.

The cost on Amazon varies but the last time we checked there were dozens of HackRF One’s being sold.

The cost on Amazon varies but the last time we checked there were dozens of HackRF One’s being sold.

#2 Say Hello To Another Device: ‘Macchina M2’

This device, which is also able to hack into a car, ‘the Macchina M2’ is a redesign and improvement to a previous version.

Whereas the ‘HackRF One’ is slightly more ‘plug and play’ the ‘Macchina 2’ is definintely for the more tech savvy.

There are two main features to the ‘Macchina M2’

  • An Interface Board: The interface board allows for the hardware to communicate to the most common automotive protocols. The board also contains two high speed CAN interfaces, one single wire interface, LIN, and the older OBD protocols (ISO 9141, J1850).
  • Processor Board: This part is mainly an Arduino Due, with a USB port, LEDs, SD card slot, and EEPROM built-in. The modular nature of this design will allow for the processor board to be replaced or upgraded in the future. Lastly, there’s an XBee compatible socket for adding Bluetooth, WiFi, or even cellular data.