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Come and meet the hackers behind the Kali Linux Toolset

Take a look at this resource: we have interviewed a bunch of hacking tools developers!

Kali Linux Laptops

We love Linux, that’s why we list the laptops in this section.

Increasingly, computer manufacturers are producing Linux-based machines. In truth (and yes we are truly biased) Linux based laptops and PC’s will work better over the long term compared to the Windows Operating Systems. The machines that we list are especially suited to work on Debian Linux.

Please go ahead and check out our machines and chime in with any feedback or advice.

Raspberry Pi Hacking Equipment

The idea of remote pentesting tools is just plain awesome. In this section we take a look at ARM Based architecture portable devices with the Raspberry Pi being the most popular.

Kali Linux plays nicely on the vast majority of these devices so just like the Laptops mentioned above we’d love it if you could take a look at our recommended products and let us know if we should add or remove any of them.

Mobile Phone Hacking

It’s all going mobile!

It stands to reason that mobile phone hacking, or better said, hacking from mobiles is going to be mega in the future. The mobile phones that we have listed here work on ARM Architecture and are most commonly referred to as being Android.