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We list the very best hardware tools and penetration testing equipment and tools that we can find to help you become a better professional or hobbyist. The ‘hacking’ equipment we list will help crack computer and network security when you’re doing stuff like penetration testing (ethical hacking) digital forensics, sniffing, networking, reconnaissance and much more! We list products on two criteria: relevancy and pricing; to learn more about our partners and affiliate structure please click here. Many of our product links take users to Amazon but we also link directly to certain vendors and equipment manufacturers. If you’d like to list your product please get in contact with us.

Mobile and Desktop
Kali Linux Laptops Increaingly more and more laptops are being shipped with a working distrobution of Linux. In this section of our site we take a look at Kali Linux Laptops that we recommend! It shoudl be noted that these laptops have been tested to work with (Debian) Kali Linux.
Mobile and Desktop
Kali Linux Raspbery Pi’s The Raspberry Pi is discreet and very small making it an ideal device to hide. And thanks to running Kali Linux OS natively, the Raspberry Pi is the ideal Hacking Tool for Penetration Testers. In this section of our site we take a look at not just Raspbery Pi’s but other ‘micro-computers’ as well.
Mobile and Desktop
Kali Linux Mobile Cell Phones The amazing thing about the folks behind Kali Linux (Offensive Security) is that they have dedicated a lot of time and energy to ensure that Kail Linux runs on ARM architecture. In this section of the site we take a look at ARM based Mobile Phones that play nice with Kali Linux.

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